Talk Nerdy To Me

Super funny!

This video makes me think how far we have come in the past few years. It is interesting that the nerd/geek culture has become cool and hip these days.

I remember my middle school days, in which I used to be bullied and outcast for being a geek. To do or talk about the things I liked earned me the wretch¬†label of geek and the scorn of “the normal” people, the discovery of¬†RPG did not appeased my geek fame. At first I did not talked about the things I liked, then I pretended to conform, but with time I learned not to care about people’s opinions of my likings. However it seems like by the early 2000’s the social landscape started to change. Probably¬†due to the popularization of computers and the internet, people with similar interest were now closer and the social stigma of liking geeky stuff started to¬†fade. Knowledge of computers earned geeks and nerds fortunes¬†all over the world, comic book and nerd gatherings became a mecca to people of all walks in life.

It is interesting to see the world change, and people’s opinions along with it!


TED series explaining Physics concepts

If you are like me, you fell in love with physics the first time you watched a lecture.

It all started in middle school, Brazilian schools are much tougher than Americans, when my first physics teacher started to show how the word works and how physics explains and is even able predicts/calculate outcomes. After giving up in business administration and set my mind to study engineering, I took the real physics, the kind that involves calculus. It only fueled my appreciation for this science, and for the genius that Isaac Newton was.

Physics for kids everyone ūüôā

The link is for a science magazine in Portuguese but the videos are in English and very interesting.
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Everyone can be Iron Men

Cutting edge technology usually is developed with military purposes. And most often than not it makes to the general and provides for improvement in our quality of life. Exoskeletons, as portrayed by numerous heroes like Iron Men,¬† have always been a dream of humanity, it provides for a stronger and enduring army, or a better protected factory worker that won’t have to strain its body while performing its duties among many other uses. But the greatest use in my opinion is with rehabilitation of¬† mobility deprived individuals, granting mobility to people who have lost it or never had it.

In this TED talk Eythor Bender, CEO of Berkeley Bionics, presents 2 uses of exoskeletons developed by his company improving and extending or natural body limitations.

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