State of Decay Lifeline Side Quests Part 2

Side Quests Completed:
Clear and reclaimed artillery site
Resources Scavenging
Stranded Referee
Stranded Soldier

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State of Decay Lifeline – Rescue Julene Horn

Julene Horn, the ex-wife of Thomas Horn, can be retrieved after Thomas in order to assist with the investigation. After she is picked up, Julene directs the soldiers to the Horn house, where Dr. Thomas Horn’s notes can be retrieved. How ever the house has become infested with zombies at this point the soldiers will have to clear out an infestation, as well as protecting the two survivors while they search the house for notes. Then the survivors must be escorted safely back to the base to be airlifted to a safer location.
Although Julene will be airlifted out, her companion was a soldier and will remain with Black Friday as a defender. She is one of the few soldiers who wear civilian clothing.

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